Publish content on a decentralized, secure,
anonymous and open network.

Fog is an open source set of content publishing tools running on the IOTA ledger. Created with blogs and web applications in mind.


  • Authenticity Authenticity - each bit of the content managed by Fog is signed by the author with a unique digital signature that can't be forged or altered.
  • Authenticity Privacy - you can be fully anonymous if you choose so. The only thing that leaves your computer is the publication content.
  • Authenticity Distribution - the content is stored and distributed by decentralized nodes. There are no central servers that can be shut down or tampered.


  • Authenticity Easy to use - starting a blog on platform is a one step setup. Every aspect of the look and feel is customizable.
  • Authenticity Open platform - under the hood there's the open source Fog CMS that helps to write, read and display decentralized content. It's up to your imagination what you can build with it.
  • Authenticity Direct payments - crowdfunding or subscription payments are done directly from the reader to the publisher, without any fees or middleman.


  • Authenticity IOTA and Tangle - IOTA is a public distributed ledger that utilizes a Directed Acyclic Graph called Tangle. Fog benefits from it's feature to create feeless and zero monetary value transactions.
  • Authenticity New ecosystem - The ultimate goal is to create an out of the box, clean, simple and powerfull set of publishing tools. You are invited to get involved by creating custom integrations, plugins and apps.
  • Authenticity Platform agnostic - Fog and will be open sourced after the Private Beta period. We build it using Typescript, but it's trivial to create an API client in any other language out there.

Get early access to Private Beta

New invitations are sent out in very small batches, so have patience πŸ˜‘


Emmm, what is this exactly?

Think Wordpress, Twitter or Patreon, but where you own your data, it's cryptographically secure and running without any costly servers or governing middleman.

What is the product?

The core of Fog is an open source Content Management System that you can download, hack and create your own web applications. will be the first app built with the same CMS, providing a blog platform with a one click setup and without doing any of the geeky stuff.

Is there a working product already? - a IOTA statistics web application is the first Proof of Concept application running on the Fog core platform. Our blog - the first blog running on the platform and show offs all the cool features, will be released really, really soon.

Why no Bitcoin or Ethereum?

In contrast to other crypto platforms, IOTA provides a unique technology that makes it possible to create transactions with zero monetary value, zero fees and fast confirmation rates. These things are essential to Fog's core functionallity. Keep in mind that IOTA is still evolving really fast and Fog will advance together with it.

When can I get my hands on it?

With great power comes great responsibility. As Fog deals with privacy and cryptography stuff, we want to make sure everything is double checked. Hopefully it's early 2018.